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GEOL 305 at Dragon's Back on the San Andreas Fault
Current Courses - Spring Quarter 2022
Introduction to Geology
Seismology & Earth Structure
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My research activities are in the areas of hydrogeology and global seismology. I also supervise student senior projects and independent study in these areas. Feel free to email me if you want to chat about opportunities.


Application of near-surface geophysical imaging to groundwater resources

Below is an example of a 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography profile collected on Cal Poly's Chorro Creek "Dog Leg" site. I am slowly collecting various geophysical profiles on this site via the GEOL 420 Applied Geophysics class to map out shallow aquifer resources.
Presence of two isolated aquifer "packets" at depths corroborated by nearby boreholes

Global Seismology

I came across some interesting PcP data (P-wave reflections from the core-mantle boundary) that show evidence of ultra-low velocity zones (ULVZ). Some preliminary and simple waveform modeling suggests the ULVZ is highly variable over short scale lentghs. Below is a synthetic overlain on an observed PcP waveform. The model requires significant S- and P-wave velocity decrements in a ~4:1 ratio but any density increase immediately degrades waveform fit quality.

Red: Observed PcP seismogram, and Blue: Synthetic PcP seismogram
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Cal Poly Geology

Study geology, get a minor, or just take some courses.

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GEOL 241 (Physical Geology Laboratory) mapping the contact between the Monterey and
Santa Margarita Formations near Lopez Lake, NE of Arroyo Grande
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Photo Albums

Geologic Excursions (GEOL 206)

Fall 2021 | Spring 2019 | Spring 2018 | Fall 2016

Physical Geology Laboratory (GEOL 241)

Spring 2021 | Winter 2021 | Spring 2019 | Spring 2018 | Spring 2017

Seismology and Earth Structure (GEOL 305)

Winter 2020 | Winter 2018 | Fall 2015

Applied Geophysics (GEOL 420)

Fall 2021 | Fall 2020 | Fall 2019 | Fall 2018 | Fall 2017 | Fall 2016 | Fall 2015 | Fall 2014

Field Research

Hydrogeology of Bartleson Ranch
Hydrologic Response to Meadow Restoration

The Yellow Aster Butte Trail (near Mt. Baker, WA)

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